Flat and proud: Amie responds to stares at her post-mastectomy chest


This guest post comes courtesy of Amie Milo. I found myself feeling very self-conscious this morning after several other shoppers at the grocery store gawked at my chest. [They] registered looks ranging from confusion to disgust. It would have been great if any of those strangers had returned my smile/eye contact, but apparently none of […]

UPDATE: New Bangor Mall opening photos feat. Hulk, Captain America and Spider-Man

Last week I posted some photos of the October 1978 Bangor Mall opening that had originally been posted on Plaid Stallions. Featured were two amazing shots of Captain America and Hulk. Matt Lewis, who is originally submitted those photos, got in touch and let me know that he had more from that day (which include […]

Funtown Splashtown Meltdown


Warning: As I am writing about Funtown/Splashtown, there is definitely some sassy [NSFW] language in here. I could see that she had a tattoo between her shoulder blades that I’m fairly positive was intended to conceptualize world peace, and that was the immediately evident irony. There, on her back was a baseball-sized, deep blue and […]