Thomas Pisha-Duffly’s Family Feast at Grace Restaurant


Family Feast is a pop-up dinner event imagined and executed by Thomas Pisha-Duffly. It features large format plates of Indonesian cuisine served to communal tables. The most recent installment happened at the beautiful Grace Restaurant in Portland, Maine, which we were delighted to attend and photograph.  [Note: This post originates from Knack Factory, which contains a robust […]

Congratulations to the #USMFuture movement


Congratulations to the students and other community supporters who make up the #USMFuture movement. Despite the fact that USM President Theodora Kalikow suggests otherwise, it is evident that their agitation, along with the efforts of the Faculty Senate, resulted in the reversal of faculty “retrenchment” (the corporate euphemism that institutions use when they don’t want […]

Casey McCurry of Sunset Hearts waxes poetic about Nirvana

Casey McCurry (of Sunset Hearts) wrote something about Nirvana (and—insanely tangentially—their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) that summarizes exactly how I feel about the band and their impact on my life: Nirvana was a great band, and probably was even more so to my teenage self (before the decade-long flood of […]

Shift Drinks: Hugh Fiore of Eastern Standard [Boston]


Hugh Fiore is a bartender at Eastern Standard in Boston, Massachusetts. He is pictured with a glass of Buffalo Trace bourbon neat and a Narragansett. Shift Drinks is a photo series produced by Knack Factory that features some of our favorite folks in food and hospitality telling us stories about their preferred cocktails and how they […]

Shift Drinks: Kim Rodgers of Eventide Oyster Co. and Hugo’s Restaurant


Kim Rodgers is a pastry chef at Eventide Oyster Co. and Hugo’s Restaurant. She is pictured with a Gin and Tonic. Disclosure: Eventide Oyster Co. and Hugo’s Restaurant are clients of my company Knack Factory, though their representation here has nothing to do with my scope of work with them. In fact, they are helping […]

Please don’t vote for me in the Portland Phoenix “Best Of” poll


I was again nominated for Best Of… in the Twitter category this year. The other nominees included @nurse_abby, @missbumptious, @unnegatron (friend and former professor Jason Read) and @SoPoHomo. I am beyond flattered, largely because I am pretty much just straight up myself on Twitter and so when I am nominated it is basically like people […]

Shift Drinks: Damian Sansonetti of Piccolo and Blue Rooster Food Co.

Damian Sansonetti is one of the owners of and chef at Piccolo in Portland, Maine. He is also a Chef Partner at the Blue Rooster Food Co. He is pictured with an Old Fashioned.  Disclosure: Damian’s restaurant Piccolo is a client of mine [at Knack Factory], though his representation here has nothing to do with our […]

Shift Drinks: Katie Schier Potocki of 158 Picket Street Cafe, Southside Bakery and POCKET BRUNCH


Shift Drinks is a Knack Factory photo series that features some of our favorite folks in food and hospitality telling us stories about their preferred cocktails and how they got into the industry. Featured in the photos are chefs, servers, proprietors and other industry professionals as well as the construction of their drinks of choice. […]

“Noah” is not “biblically accurate”

A lot of people, who I am positive are very well versed in the original text of the bible before it got translated all of those times over the past several millennia, are angry with Hollywood because “Noah” is not “biblically accurate.” Regardless of it’s so-called biblical accuracy, if you are willing to boycott a […]