On calling the cops on The Whistler

The Portland Press Herald ran this story about The Whistler, which details his legal woes. It reminds that sometimes a police state is not forced upon us, some invite and welcome its arrival.

“Two months later, Smith was arrested and taken to jail after police received complaints about his whistling in front of Starbucks at Middle and Exchange streets. The charge again was disorderly conduct.”

Which is to say that instead of looking at this guy and thinking, “Oh, that’s interesting. This quirky guy is harmlessly contributing to Portland’s particular je nais se quoi,” some people instead go with “I have nothing better to do right now, so I should probably try to get this guy arrested, because I am a sad, sad person” before acting accordingly.

Four and a half years ago, by the way, a cabal of ruthless assholes were responsible for gutting our economy and negatively affecting the lives of millions. As a result, many have gone hungry and others have found themselves homeless as a result. Some have taken their own lives. No one was jailed. “It happens,” we have collectively internalized. BUT THAT WHISTLER. PUT HIM IN JAIL. If that isn’t crushingly depressing, I don’t know what is.


Alex Steed

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