Eff the shutdown; let’s support each other

CNN has reported on what agencies the shutdown affects and Slate has reported on the seven ways the government shutdown will hit women the hardest.

As my friend Meghan Conley wrote on Facebook earlier:

Unsurprisingly, the government shut down will hit the most vulnerable the hardest. Consider making a donation of infant formula and other non-perishable items for babies and toddlers to your local food pantry. WIC is closed during the shutdown.

A prolonged shutdown would threaten the WIC program (which provides mothers and infants with milk, cheese, eggs, beans, peanut butter, tofu, formula and more) here in Maine. It is already taking its toll outside of the state. Certain members of the government are too busy mansplaining their “interests” to give an eff about the people right now so search for your local food pantry / food bank by town (Mainers / everyone else) and make a donation to help your fellow, less fortunate neighbors.

Alex Steed

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