SURPRISE! My first real Twitter meltdown was about Full House

I had my first real Twitter meltdown last night. Those who know me well won’t be surprised to learn that it was about Full House, which is rumored to be making a comeback ala Girl Meets World. Said meltdown was fueled by rum, poutine from Nosh, and ice cream. It wasn’t pretty.

A taste.

[WARNING: Language]

  • Did Joey Gladstone never have a long-term girlfriend because regular Full House viewers would obvi resent being forced into imagining him having sex?
  • Also, Joey gave DJ a car for her 16th birthday? On the salary of a struggling comic from San Francisco? Come on now.
  • I wonder what was in DJ Tanner’s dowry chest.
  • Teddy was way more tolerable than that “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina” Pet Sematary asshole.
  • Oh, you play drums in the Mike Love led Beach Boys? Color me unimpressed, Katsopolis.
  • Your Aladdin voice might hold some water with Deej, Steve, but it don’t mean shit to me.
  • RIP Pam Tanner
  • Kimmy Gibbler is a Dumb, Smelly-Footed Idiot and Other Perspectives that Prove That the Tanners & Company Are Total Fucking Bullies
  • So I guess the Tanner Family lives in that one neighborhood in San Francisco where gay people and/or sex don’t exist.
  • Lori Loughlin.
  • WAIT. Jodie Sweetin has been married THREE TIMES?
  • So basically only Comet’s hair style holds up in 2013.
  • Remember when Uncle Jesse realized he was a family man / total [wimp] when he couldn’t ride his motorcycle on the ledge? That’s me always.
  • I would have been on meth too, Jodie.
  • Very Special Episode of Full House That Is Basically Just a Commercial For Disneyland
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