These are some of the search terms by which people found my blog: December, 2013 Edition

WARNING: Coarse Language

Search engine terms by which people found my blog over the past three months, as categorized by perceived mental state:


  • why millenials are annoying
  • bitchy blogs
  • why men are important to our society
  • could ask alex be more annoying?
  • people beating up hippies
  • put a building on fire
  • will bourbon light on fire


  • how do you introduce yourself to the digital world
  • how to make a positive announcement
  • is it possible to be married to someone and hate them
  • fuck you baby
  • i want to have sex with many women
  • sexually active mature women
  • scary hairy women
  • what is the best way for a woman how to get over someone


  • judd nelson shirtless photos
  • shirtless street smoker
  • pam tanner
  • bicycles + homophobic captains
  • obama holding holding a vaseline
  • who has down syndrome?
  • how to stop using the word retarded


  • about when anna kendrick grew up
  • rich women from bangor to portland maine
  • what do women look for on a man
  • sexting etiquette
  • i want free phone sex
  • portland maine breaking news pt’s showclib
  • donkey fuck
  • girl fucks donkey
  • manners of potty
  • slut list portland
  • slut shaming list
  • slut blogs
  • porn fantasy blog
  • why society needs feminism
  • is feminism hate?


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