“Noah” is not “biblically accurate”

Russell Crowe as Noah

A lot of people, who I am positive are very well versed in the original text of the bible before it got translated all of those times over the past several millennia, are angry with Hollywood because “Noah” is not “biblically accurate.”

Regardless of it’s so-called biblical accuracy, if you are willing to boycott a movie because other people tell you that God does not want you to see it, you are doing something wrong. Don’t follow a God that—in the face of everything wrong with this world—concerns itself with a Russell Crowe movie. God doesn’t care about what you watch, zealots do (when they can find the time between crashing planes into buildings, mutilating genitals and assassinating physicians). If there is a God—an all knowing, all masterful creator—I can’t imagine that it wants its followers to go out of their way to be ignorant asses.

Alex Steed

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