Overheard in Hollywood


I spent last week in Los Angeles (largely West Hollywood) and overheard so much gold (including a couple of celebrity contributions) I had to share:

“You know Bruce? The homeless guy? I saw him driving a Mercedes the other day.”

— one 7-Eleven employee to another

“All I drink is tap water.”

— Larry David to woman near Runyon Canyon

“Some people are really fantastic and some people are really…”

— restaurant patron

“I know it bums some people out it or whatever but it makes me really, really happy when somebody says that they like my band.”

— pedestrian on Hollywood Boulevard

“I do elliptical and yoga every day and I drink a shitload of green juice.”

— Russell Simmons to female hiking companion on Runyon Canyon

“Just when you think it isn’t going to happen, you see Russell Simmons hiking and talking about drinking a shitload of green juice.”

— one hiker to another immediately after seeing Russell Simmons talking about drinking a shitload of green juice

“Can I get a taste of the brown? It’s pretty brown.”

— restaurant patron to bartender

“I’m sick and tired if buying coffee. It’s like a waste of 8 dollars?”

— one guy wearing a Smiths t-shirt to another

“You want me to do what? I just met you.”

— woman to man, both exiting Cabo Cantina

“Why’d you say vagina?”
“I said San Francisco Giants.”

— little girl to father and father’s response

“I don’t know but I stuffed another big rug down there.”

— Runyon Canyon hiker

“She literally said the next day, ‘my boobs have never been more sore.'”

— one female hiker to another

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