These are some of the search terms by which people found my blog: May, 2014 Edition


WARNING: As this includes language that people use when they believe that no one is looking, some of it is pretty rough. Read at your own risk.

Search engine terms by which people found my blog over the past three months:

In search of that thing that guy was in… Or was it a woman:

  • jessica gaynes wild and crazy kids
  • sex amrican sort movies
  • madeline movie little girls sewing in a sweatshop
  • pics of alex porn
  • story: fuck my pussy, please

In search of an explanation:

  • what is leonardo dicaprio doing with the black hooker in the wolf of wallstreet
  • in what movie a guy gets in love with a system
  • noah, how biblically correct is it
  • hipster pork obsession
  • where did the operating systems go in the movie her

In search of advice / career guidance:

  • gary shandling video fashion
  • how many life process of living thing
  • she is hurt,what did do to make her happy

In search of career guidance:

  • how to be a photo grapher in porn industry
  • how did someone be a part of the gestapo

In search of truth:

  • straight people don’t get it










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