For your Fourth: 15 [lobster and lighthouse free] Instagram pictures of Mainers enjoying Summer

Happy Independence Day!

My wife and I had some hiking and outdoor time planned for today and tomorrow, but it looks like rain and—as I am a blogger—I am not so hardcore of an outdoorsman that I enjoy getting wet in the name of adventure.

As a means of keeping Summer alive in our minds on this waterlogged Independence Day, I took a look through a number of Maine related Instagram tags to see how folks have been enjoying their Summer over the past week. To do my best to omit touristsin true Maine form, we don’t really want to see them enjoying anythingI left out pictures of lobsters, lighthouses, whoopie pies, Moxie, and solicitations of directions to the nearest Starbucks.

Prepare for a handful of pop culture reverences that make me come off as spectacularly dated.

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The holiday that celebrates emancipation of monied white men from their tyrannical overlords was preemptively celebrated on these two bikinis. [via m_sansouci]

Tequila cocktails were ingested and tattoos were shown off in very flattering glows of natural light. [via lwl69]

As a means of recalling a pre-Union America, child laborers were reintroduced to agricultural harvesting for a day. [via redpoppyred]

Fittingly patriotic outtakes from Len’s Steal My Sunshine music video were discovered 15 years after its initial release. [via fatleen]

Parents temporarily augmented their insurance plans so that their kids could have a “good time.” [via gspann]

Young women bathed in the warm illumination of spectacular sunsets drank coozie-insulated beers on the water. [via mikescott22]

A sexy “Hey Dude” reunion reunion went down. [via ninafuller]

This woman was braver than I am. [via jtaylorrr]

Our canine friends were led to believe that they were escorting their human companions through dangerous wilderness adventures. [via rays_up]

In a real Giving Tree fashion, pride flags extended themselves so that young families could slide down their stripes. [via cmboris]

Flaming skateboards were… whatever this move is called in skateboard language. Jumped? Flown over? Levitated above? Something like that. [via recessionshop]

Adorable devil babies were spawned. [via nowisit420]

Sunscreen was forgotten. [via hlolear]

Asses were kicked at Jenga. [via brichardsonmusic]

Paintings berated their makers. [via tigpromaine]

This man was awesome. [via cmckna]

And Scuppers sailed again. [via mlm453]

Matt Dillon’s character from Singles wore totally inappropriate footwear on a hike. [via swampmoose]

Victorian faerie paintings came to life and took to the woods. [via Gemma Borealis]

Thurston Howell the Third opted not to dump. [via hgaiotti]

Bass met their doom at the hands of Ryleigh the Gozarian. [via ryleighmariee]

Godfather fetishists found their cover girl. [via Shramorama]

Happy Birthday, America. [via lannastrix]

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