Katalyst’s limited edition Maine Fall Hoodie to benefit suicide prevention efforts

Jamie Mercurio Photography Jamie Mercurio Photography

I don’t do a lot of professional posing—my modeling days have come and gone—but when Kyle Poissonnier asked my wife and me to be featured wearing his latest line of hoodies, there was a twist that made me enthusiastic to participate.

Katalyst‘s new line of limited edition hoodies are intended to spread awareness about suicide—September is Suicide Awareness Month—and a portion of proceeds will go to benefit related mental health programs here in Maine. The limited edition shirts will become available on September 9th, and be available for purchase for a week thereafter.

More from Katalyst:

Next Tuesday we will release our Maine Fall Hoodie 2014. [With regard to suicide rates] Maine is 14th in the country and 2 people daily. We hope that we can support this cause and donate as much as we can so that we can further educate people and let people know where and how to get help.

The hoodie will come with information on this in Maine from MSPP. They are aware of the project and is very happy that we are bringing this to this level. We are clothing for a cause and we will continually to actively work on bringing awareness to causes and helping those in need.

The hoodie will be on sale here starting on September 9th. We will be on 207 on WCSH 6 and WLBZ at 7pm to discuss the cause.


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