I talked about politics, openness and falling out of love with being a cliche on Ink and Pine


I recently had a conversation with Trent Gay, Seth Koening and Cat Smith on the podcast Ink and Pine. We talked about the gubernatorial election, Twitter-based conversations about politics, and my tendency toward being candid in my writing:

I have completely neutered the part of my brain that get’s worried about being candid about my life. I don’t know why openness has been such a big part of my personality since I was a teenager, but it has been, and it has been a big part of my work. The greatest writing teachers I have ever had reprimanded me when they thought that I was holding back. It was once a challenge to be so open, but it has since become an instant reflex. There is a fine line between openness and being gratuitous. I want to let people in, but I don’t want to have a masturbatory cry session with an audience, or exploit myself for some abstract gain.

I also discussed falling out of love with the fantasy that one needs to be messed up in order to make worthwhile art.

Should you have the opportunity to do so, please give a listen.

Ps.  Oh, and did I mention that I accidentally shaved off a part of my Scorsese-style bushy brows while attempting to maintain them? Because I did. That’s what I am pointing to in the photo above.

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