20 Instagram photos that capture Halloween 2014 in Maine


Yesterday was one of the Halloweeniest All Hallows’ Eves I have experienced in a long time. Not long after dark, my wife, friends and I sat at Mi Sen in Portland, ate noodles, and watched people—the vast majority creatively adorned—walk by on Congress Street. There was a particular energy in the air, which I later heard a handful of other folks say as well, adding that the evening felt more festive and widely celebrated. Maybe heavily-caveated emergence from recession makes us more willing to celebrate, or perhaps we millennials have hit peak infantilism. Aside from a few hiccups, I was glad to be able to experience it.

While walking after dinner, an older drunk guy down on Middle Street called me a faggot, presumably based on the whimsical nature of my Gozer get-up (see above) and another told his son that I looked like a fairy. A fairy. Afterward, we stopped by SPACE Gallery and caught the tail end of Lovers of Fiction’s Kinks cover set and the whole of a decent Roky Erickson set fronted by a dude dressed like crust-metal Pauly Shore. We then went to Empire for a few and saw the last few songs from a great performance by Slingshot Dakota while Friday the 13th was projected on a wall and the people standing beside me strained to figure out what this old Kevin Bacon movie was. A 50-something man proposed to my wife, who was dressed like a bang-up Wednesday Addams (see above). He had been waiting to do so for 40 years, he explained, before requesting a hug.

So you know—Halloween.

Skimmed from Maine-related hashtags, here is a look at how the rest of the state celebrated my favorite holiday.

Having it. [via Kyyuulle]

Definitely not having it. [via sjordan0421]

It’s funny because we traditionally boil lobsters, not babies. [via mackenziecl710]

Sexy lobsterman. [via mikelydon11]

Sexy Bieber [via maluut]

Sexy Mary Poppins [tomcouture]

Sexy Stevie Nicks [via bunbunbunnybunbun]

IT’S A TRAP. Admiral Ackbar and probably definitely not a dog penis. [via jadafitch]

Old Pattie Hearst heard the burst of Roland’s Thompson gun and bought it. Also, a witch playing the violin.  [via jmheffren]

Tea Party Express [via tomcouture]

A solid Thelma and Louise, apparently, with bonus points for the acid wash / bourbon / Misfits hat trick. [via lomaine

Also, sweet Vampire Lezbos shirt. [via cosmodemonic]

Actual caption to this photo: “Alaskan Grindr profile pic.” It writes itself, really. [via hiposcottamus]

All things considered, it’s probably wrong to find them attractive. [via absolutelo]

“Janine, sorry about the bug-eyes thing.” [via geeksquid]

“It won’t be long now. If the Great Pumpkin comes, I’ll still put in a good word for you.” [via bonnie_durham]

Liz Lemon trying to evade jury duty, Judge Doom, and saucy guest. [via materialobjectsme]

Kaci Hickox (but for real, actually a Kaci Hickox costume) [via gneissspice]

The Walking Dead. [via caseymay2020]

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