These are some of the search terms by which people found my blog: November, 2014 Edition

WARNING: Coarse Language

Actual search engine terms by which people found my blog over the past three months, as categorized by perceived essence:


  • new year drunks
  • can’t hardly wait 90s clothing
  • fuck me dj tanner from full house


  • white people
  • why its not cool to be white
  • fred hampton t shirt


  • etiquette porn
  • sextetiquette
  • potty manners


  • embarrassing pants pooping stories
  • embarrassing masturbation stories
  • adolescent masturbating stories


  • i agree with marijuana
  • why does my coach wear a pentagram necklace
  • hobo fishing


  • wife fucks everything stories
  • about a girl who is a snake handler
  • do you know what your love is doing to luke mallett? do you know how he really feels about you?
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