Bernie overtakes Hillary in Iowa: “It’s not the polls. It’s the issues.”


Politico reports that Bernie Sanders has overtaken Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

Sean Faircloth’s commentary (originally posted on Facebook and posted here with permission) on the matter very much resonated with me:

I’ve not commented about polls this year. I’ve not attacked Hillary and often complimented her. My early and continuing admiration for Sanders has to do with actual issues. His stand on education funding. His wise opposition to the Iraq War (the worst foreign policy decision in US history). His support for working people making a living wage. His agreement with Elizabeth Warren on intelligent banking laws. I favored Obama, early, for similar reasons and I’m, overall, still glad I did. The Democratic Party of FDR and JFK was very popular. Sanders articulates the values of FDR and JFK. The more adamantly Hillary supports those values the more adamantly I’d support her if she is the nominee. It’s not the polls. It’s the issues. Trump and his rivals strive to be the more angry, the more mean. Sanders draws crowds because he has good ideas.

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