“Kim Davis and her supporters are American Taliban”


According to Talking Points Memo:

The Oath Keepers  the armed, anti-government vigilante group known for popping up at the Ferguson protests and elsewhere  has told Kim Davis’ legal counsel that they would be willing to “protect” the anti-gay marriage Kentucky clerk from being detained by the U.S. Marshals Service.

In this context in particular, something Michael Eric Bérubé recently posted (and gave permission to share here) regarding Davis and her supporters resonated uncomfortably:

Ms. Davis and the people who are supporting her are American Taliban. This isn’t just heated rhetoric. They want a world that looks almost EXACTLY like those in ISIL. One that is ruled by the bloody and unforgiving ‘eye for an eye’ laws of a vengeful and jealous God as THEY interpret them.

When you claim (as Huckabee does) that you want a society that holds God’s Law as more important in society than Civil Law, you are calling for us to suspend our Secular Constitutional Republic in favour of outright Theocracy. Our Constitution forbids this. These Taliban must be opposed. Vehemently.

Alex Steed

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