Glenn Close and David Shaw divorce (and that “boiled bunny” date)

People reports that Glenn Close and David Shaw have divorced after 9 years of marriage.

This immediately brings to mind when Close was on All Things Considered this time last year and recalled her first date with Shaw. Shaw, the founder and former CEO of Westbrook, Maine based IDEXX Laboratories, presented her with potted [stuffed] bunny:

My husband is from Maine — he lives in Maine — and the first time I went to visit I walked into his wonderful kitchen and there on the stove was a pot and out of the pot was coming the head of a stuffed bunny. Not a real bunny I have to add, but a lovely white stuffed bunny. I still have the bunny, it’s very funny.

The move was—of course—a nod to Close’s [actually] famous portrayal of a spurned lover in Fatal Attraction. In the film, she plays a woman with borderline personality disorder who boils a bunny as a means of showing Michael Douglas’ character that she definitely means business. It was the first in a series of films in which Michael Douglas played some poor man on the receiving end of the wrath of vindictive women (Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct, and Disclosure), minorities (Falling Down), and America hating anti-capitalist commies (Wall Street).

I’m sad to hear of the couple’s woes, and I hope they’ll find peace and closure, but I think there may be a “getting off on the right [rabbit’s] foot” lesson to be learned here.

Sorry I’m being such a punny bunny today.


Puns are terrible.


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