Fryeburg Fair Files 2015: Is that a euphemism for smoking weed, or…


My favorite game to play at the fair is “Was what I just overheard a euphemism for sneaking away to smoke weed?”

Example: “The guy at the tilt-a-whirl wants to talk to you.”

(Definitely a euphemism for sneaking away to smoke weed.)

Other examples:

  • “It’s my turn to clean the fryolator.”
  • “Want me to pick you up a deep fried Oreo?”
  • “Can you give me a hand sheering the sheep?”

Friends and readers made these suggestions:

  • “Let’s talk to the man with the horse.”
  • “You must be this high to enjoy this ride”
  • “I think the pig races are about to start.”
  • “Have you tried the pottoncandy?”

And the always classic, always straight up about smoking weed:

  • “Safety meeting!”

With much appreciated input by Tony Halsey, Kevin Fahrman, Sean Wilkinson, An Anomai and Greta Rybus.

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