I’m listening to… Mario Moretto / Desaparecidos


I’ve been really into hearing about what other folks are listening to lately, and using this as an opportunity to find out about new music and bands. I’m going to start running these sorts of blurbs here and there.

I reached out to my friend [and former Bangor Daily News reporter] Mario Moretto to kick this thing off. He talked about Desaparecidos, which happens to be a favorite band of mine.

The following is adapted from a conversation with Moretto:

I’ve been listening to Desaparecidos’ album Read Music/Speak Spanish.

I hadn’t listened to it in ages, and Spotify put Man and Wife on my Discover Playlist last week and its been memory lane since then.

My girlfriend at the time introduced it to me. She said, “Oh, you know that Bright Eyes guy [Conor Oberst]? This is his band and it’s so much better.” I was super into Thursday at the time so she felt it was a natural fit. But the two bands aren’t as similar as she thought. They both just have screaming and emotionsI like both, but they aren’t like-for-like.

It is more than a decade old now, but its ability to make feels is every bit as potent as it was in 2002.

Like I said, I’m also a huge Desaparecidos fan. The folks at the Bull Moose downtown put it in my hands back when it first came out and I fell in love. I recently picked it up on Vinyl and, like Mario, fell in love all over again. I am pretty sure I well up every time I listen to it. If you have not yet, give a listen. If you have and it’s been a while, it might very well be time to re-listen.

IMAGE CREDIT: Guy Eppel by way of Brooklyn Vegan

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