Those racist signs? That IS our Maine. That’s the problem.

Those racist signs in Lewiston? I’ve seen a lot of well-intended folks suggest something to the effect of “this isn’t our Maine.” Stop doing that. It is our Maine, and that’s a problem.

I know what you’re trying to do when you say that it isn’t, but it is. It’s our Maine. Pretending it’s an exception isn’t constructive, and pretending the bad things that face communities of color (and all marginalized people) don’t exist is an affront to those communities.

You can’t confront cancer by pretending you don’t have it.

We may aspire to get beyond it, and work in that arena is important and necessary. But this does not mean that it isn’t very real, and part of daily life for many in this state.

I’m going to reflect on this more in my column this week, so if agree, disagree, or fall somewhere in between free to let me know in the comments.

IMAGE CREDIT: Daryn Slover | Sun Journal

Alex Steed

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