What gun massacre does tomorrow hold for you and yours?



I don’t say so facetiously, but when I dropped my first grader off at school today, I looked at her and realized that it is a very real possibility that she could get gunned down at her school and the world would keep moving as if everything were okay. I squeezed her extra hard before letting her in. We’re all scurrying around trying to figure out how we’ll deal with existential threats and we’re literally shooting each other to death. I am very literally scared of the possibility that my child could be killed by an NRA-coddled white terrorist. Forget ISIS. They’ve got nothing on our own wrath. 

A few days back, Jaime said, “I’m really surprised that there wasn’t a mall shooting on Black Friday” and I was surprised to agree. “Yeah, totally. Huh. Me too.” WE ARE SURPRISED WHEN THERE AREN’T SHOOTINGS, but not when there are. We are overcome with sickness.
Honestly, I am philosophically predisposed to having a heavily “pro Second Amendment” stance. My father had guns and I did for a while. I loved my father with everything in me and guns were such a big part of his life. I used to go hunting with him. I don’t see every day gun advocates as monsters or alien. In theory, I am an optimal target for the NRA’s message.
But what the what? The lobby’s and supportive zealots’ stances have convinced me that while I know very well some “responsible gun owners” exist, it’s a pretty subjective and self-imposed identification. I know friends who shot themselves to death with their responsible gun owner of a dad’s gun. Any starting point that is defensive, that posits that there is not a problem, is no starting point at all.
If the government, by some miracle, is called upon to take any action, and if that action is heavy handed it is because the NRA asked for it to be. They saw babies shot in the face at a school and blamed the problem on unarmed school officials. But it doesn’t matter who is armed. The shooter at Planned Parenthood killed a member of a heavily armed police force and injured others. He killed a mom. He killed a veteran. Radio silence from the monstrous ghouls at the NRA.
And here we are again, at least more 12 dead. What massacre does tomorrow hold for you and yours?
Alex Steed

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