Best ice cream shop in Maine, Catbird Creamery, to appear on the Cooking Channel this Sunday


That’s Sunday, not sundae. THIS IS A NO PUN ZONE.

Anyway, my very favorite ice cream shop, Catbird Creamery, will be on Unique Sweets at 10p this Sunday. Unique Sweets is on the Cooking Channel.

Producers from the channel were in Portland earlier this year filming for a bunch of different shows. Eater Maine covered this back in August. If you check out the post, you’ll notice the line “A reliable tipster has it that the Cooking Channel was at Catbird Creamery, too.” I was that reliable tipster because it just so happens I was in Catbird Creamery basically every day this summer, gaining 20 pounds in sweet, heavy cream. I tend to notice when film crews get between me and my trough of hot fudge sundae.

Wait, what was that? Did I hear you grumble about how your favorite ice cream shop is better then Catbird? That’s adorable, but seriously: how does it feel to be the wrongest person ever?

Alex Steed

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