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Guest Post: Why does film need more complex female protagonists?


I asked Kate Kaminski, Founder and Artistic Director of the Bluestocking Film Series, to detail why highlighting complex female protagonists is an important mission. Kaminski is a screenwriter, director, and independent filmmaker whose films have screened all over the world. The series, which proclaims itself as the film event in the world that requires complex […]

A suspected “swatting” incident took place in Standish. Wait. What is swatting?


According to MPBN, a “swatting” incident likely took place in Standish over the weekend. In short, “swatting” is a prank in which law enforcement officers are summoned to what sounds like a dire emergency situation. In the Standish incident, someone had falsely reported that he had shot his girlfriend and taken some hostages. As a […]

I am a national expert on Gov. LePage, apparently.


Over at The Daily Beast, Luke O’Neil wrote a piece called The Idiot Thug Running Maine in which I was quoted. From O’Neil’s piece (not my quote): The “combative” governor, as The New York Times called him—which is New England shorthand for “asshole”—hasn’t so much protested his innocence as he has thumbed his nose at […]

Catbird Creamery makes the best ice cream sundae in Maine


The sundae at Catbird Creamery is ridiculous.  First you pick your cookie—you can get a chocolate chip cookie, a snicker doodle cookie, or a crumb cake cone bowl—and then you pick your topping. There is hot fudge, butterscotch, and fruit sauce, which is determined seasonally or, according to shop owner Andrew Warren, on a whim. […]

Stephen King’s Suffer the Little Children to be adapted into a Maine-produced film


Corey Norman is a Maine-based filmmaker and co-owner of Bonfire Films. Upon its release last year, their movie The Hanover House was met with a great deal of acclaim. At present, Bonfire Films is in the pre-production phase for Suffer the Little Children, an adaptation of a Stephen King story that was featured in the […]