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Maine’s fumbled brand moment + expanding “business friendliness”

 Frustrated with LePage’s latest stunt—this one targeted at my friends an neighbors in the trans community—I lashed out by saying that Maine’s regressive bent is enough to drive my investment in the state elsewhere. I was frustrated—I AM frustrated—and what I said, I think, reveals and articulates my anger but clouds what I was ultimately […]

Bill Burr on F is for Family, comedian Bob Marley, and how Star Wars is just “self help in space”

I like Bill Burr a lot, and I don’t do a particularly good job concealing it in this interview. Burr will be performing at the Cross Insurance Arena on June 4th [tickets]. We talked about a number of things, including his Netflix animated series F is for Family and the role Maine based comedian Bob Marley […]

Getting out of Maine may be professionally wise (and here’s how to do it)

I interviewed my friend Robyn Kanner, an incredible designer and person, about how she went about getting out of Maine and [professionally] setting up outside of the state. We talk here about a number of things, including how she pitted a bunch of recruiters against each other to expedite the process, below. For a little more […]

Must Listen: Hollywood in the age of anti-communism

I have extolled the virtues of You Must Remember This, one of the very best podcasts in production today, in this blog before. In its current season, YMRT host/writer/producer Karina Longworth visits Hollywood in the House Un-American Activities Committee + McCarthyism eras. Of the many, many subjects, occasions and phenomena Longworth touches upon is this chilling […]

Overheard in Los Angeles: Ugly Americans Edition

I present here “I pushed a prostitute—pushed a prostitute” and other actual conversations overheard in Los Angeles. These are reproduced as faithfully as possible. I am—I should note—reluctant to offer these slivers, which paint a relatively lurid picture, without offering that I love this city in a huge way. These were, though, too spectacularly ridiculous […]

Dispatches from “Forever” Land: Dana Gould on Manson, Manson in Full House

While at Il Capriccio in Los Feliz a few nights back (wonderful) my wife and I sat and read while I pretended not to notice that we shared an otherwise empty patio with the great Dana Gould, from whom were seated two tables down. Gould recapped for his companion the story John Cusack recently told about Brian Wilson’s wit, honesty […]