On honoring legacies over creating safe space for victims


At the start of this week, I reflected upon the suicide of Jeremiah Gorman and the investigation into what was then broadly classified as child porn possession. In particular, I discussed a friend I had lost to somewhat similar circumstances, and expressed how badly I felt for those in Gorman’s life who are now faced […]

Interview: The when, how and why of disrupting authority with Sarah Schindler


Sarah Schindler is an Associate Professor at the University of Maine School of Law, where she teaches and researches the areas of property, land use, and local government. This evening she will be a panelist at Think and Drink: Disruption of Authority, an event organized and hosted by Maine Humanities Council. It takes place at […]

Think, drink, and discuss disrupting authority with me this Wednesday


Maine Humanities Council has organized a series called Think & Drink. It’s basically a mashup of a happy hour, civic forum, and participatory panel discussion. The series takes place the third Wednesday of each month at SPACE Gallery. It started in February and will end in May. The theme of the series this year is […]

Musician Zach Jones on the “Blurred Lines” decision: “So now what?”


I have seen a lot of folks, particularly friends who are musicians, sharing insights and opinions regarding what the “Blurred Lines” verdict could mean for the industry overall. Zach Jones, a Los Angeles-based musician with Maine roots, shared the following on Facebook and gave me permission to share it here. The first time that I […]