Briana Holt talks about the forthcoming Tandem Bakery and her love for sandwiches and pies

Family Feast 06.30.14-313

While covering Thomas and Mariah Pisha-Duffly’s Family Feast for Knack Factory last night, I ran into the great baker Briana Holt, who had made a delicious strawberry buckle for the event. Holt will be overseeing the pastry program at Tandem Coffee Roasters’ forthcoming West End cafe and bakery expansion (Portland Food Map recently gave this […]

Check out The Internet’s Own Boy at SPACE Gallery this Wednesday


This Wednesday, SPACE Gallery is showing The Internet’s Own Boy, a documentary about “programming prodigy and information activist” Aaron Swartz. I will be moderating a video Q+A with filmmaker Brian Knappenberger. I have been focused on the intersection of the Internet, information access and civil liberties in one way or another for the past decade. As […]

Spencer Albee talks Zach Jones, making choices, and his career retrospective


Super-musician and all around good guy Zach Jones is in town for the week and he will be joining Spencer Albee for a show at Port City Music Hall tonight. The event, The Gang’s All Here, will feature a selection of Jones’ music, Albee’s music and a collection of the songs the two have preformed […]

Mike Tipping discusses the early success of his As Maine Went book campaign


Columnist, activist, and fellow Bangor Daily News blogger Mike Tipping has written a book called As Maine Went. It documents the rise of Governor LePage and the Tea Party movement here in Maine. While the book, which is published by Tilbury House, comes out in the middle of July, Tipping used the crowdfunding site Kickstarter […]

State of the State: Spose, the Mallett Brothers and many more discuss The State Theater


Kyle Poissonnier, the sweet, enthusiastic, muscle-bound organizer of the upcoming State of the State II, invited me to sit in on an event production meeting a couple of weeks back. The event, which takes place at The State Theater on July 11th, is a much anticipated followup to last year’s nearly sold out event. The […]

Portland Pride! Co-Chair Jill Barkley on the importance of LGBT celebration and the road ahead

Photo Credit: Benn Marine

I had the great pleasure of talking with Jill Barkley, Co-chair, along with Christopher O’Connor, of Portland Pride! They oversaw the 10 days of events, lectures, and parties that celebrated LGBT pride in Southern Maine over the past week and a half. The event culminated in a massive parade and festival that took part on […]

In a culture that fetishizes youth and health, discussing illness is a radical act


Kelly Coviello is an editor and the biggest Bruce Springsteen fan that I know. She is also very ill. Coviello’s illness is complex and she explains it in detail below. More importantly—and the reason I interviewed her—she is particularly public about her illness in her life and on social media. We discussed why, in a […]

Nomar Slevik talks UFOs Over Maine


Nomar Slevik is a Mainer known for his skills as a musician and a producer, but also for his interest in the paranormal. An encounter with a UFO when he was a young boy sparked in Slevik a life-long fascination with the subject. His new book, UFOs Over Maine: Close Encounters from the Pine Tree […]

Taking my teenage to stage: I got Mortified and lived to tell the tale

photo 1

Mortified is an exercise in retrospective, voyeuristic group therapy as a form of public entertainment. A number of people—5 in the case of a recent event that took place at SPACE Gallery on Saturday night—get in front of a crowd and read excerpts from their teenage journals. While it sounds like it has the potential […]