Maine winter survival tips (in case you’re new or have forgotten how it’s done)


I recently stumbled upon this glorious archived Reddit post in which Mainers offer advice on how to survive a winter in Maine. Here I have pulled some of the best nuggets and tried to organize the advice around categories so that it is a bit easier to sort through. Should you have the time, though, […]

Must Listen: “Charles Manson’s Hollywood” by You Must Remember This


My newfound obsession with Karina Longworth’s You Must Remember This comes thanks to a recommendation from great Anne Schlitt​ [of Maine Humanities Council]. Familiar with my interest in 20th Century Hollywood, pop culture generally, new age and occultism, and true crime, Anne suggested I check out the show’s 11 episode arc about Charles Manson and everything […]

How did you learn the “truth” about Santa?


Engaging in an exchange with my friend Emily Burnham on Facebook a couple weeks back, and reading feedback from other parents within the exchange, I was surprised to notice that a number of parents choose to believe that their 11-year-olds still believe in Santa. I remember piecing it together when I was 7 or 8—my […]

Interview: Odd Squad Creators Tim McKeon and Adam Peltzman


When our daughter introduced us to Odd Squad, a math-focused kids’ program that airs on PBS, I was skeptical. A lot of kids programing is tedious and boring, and this can especially be the case with shows that attempt to slip educational messages into their plots. In no time at all, my skepticism turned to admiration […]

Critics of a black Hermione are boring agents of white supremacy


According to the Los Angeles Times, a black actress will play a grown up Hermione Granger in a stage performance of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. Noma Dumezweni, an English actress who was born in Swaziland, has been cast as Hermione, with Jamie Parker playing Harry and Paul Thornley as Ron Weasley. The play takes […]

Gun nuts make lousy lovers: Playboy, the 1960s, and the infancy of the modern gun debate


As I am wont to do, I picked up a number of old magazines at a flea market this weekend. In a batch of old issues of Playboy, I was interested to run into a few articles, observations and letters that helped illustrate the early days of what we now know to be the modern debate over gun laws. I […]

Barry Crimmins on comedy, survival, not being a hero, and his friend Bobcat Goldthwait


Barry Crimmins is a legendary comic and activist who will doing standup at Blue on December 28th. The show was organized by Portland Comedy Co-Op, who Crimmins describes as a “good bunch of people doing great things for comedy in Maine.” Content Warning: Rape A pioneer in the early Boston standup scene, he was around for […]