Lindsey Graham enthusiastically supports thought-policing America


I have been holding off on writing about the presidential election because… come on. It’s way too easy. WARNING: Language It gets harder and harder to hold the tongue, though, as more Republicans enter the race and try to out-big-dick each other. Sen. Lindsey Graham, for example, is what is called an “institutional” Republican, which […]

Who Watches the Watchmen? Hugo’s, The Honey Paw and Eventide v. Blogger John Golden


NOTE: I am commenting on the actions of the ownership of Hugo’s, The Honey Paw, and Eventide Oyster Co. As I mention a few times below, my company has worked with the restaurants in the past, and I consider them friends. When I was publicly complaining about the weeklies as they were acting terribly and […]

Broderick Greer: “White supremacy is the evil force that is killing our people.”


Broderick Greer is pursuing a Master’s of Divinity at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia. After graduating this month, he will take a job as an assistant priest at a church in Memphis. He describes the times ahead as “very exciting.” I have followed Greer via Twitter for a few years. There, I have observed […]

Geno’s Rock Club follows “Safe Space protocol” and that is awesome.


Geno’s Rock Club, the legendary punk venue in Portland, follows “Safe Space protocol.” They announced this on their Facebook page earlier this month, and said announcement is awesome: Attn: performers. Geno’s is a venue that follows Safe Space protocol. What does that mean? That means:Scream fuck into the mic as loud as you want, bloody […]