Ink and Business Acumen: Tattooer Hanna Sandström offers advice for entrepreneurs


Hanna Sandström is a tattooer, formerly based in Portland (Squid and Whale Tattoo), who presently resides and works in Seattle (Dark Age Tattoo). We were neighbors when she was in town, and she is responsible for half of my tattoos, so when I was in Seattle last week I reached out to see if she’d be […]

Danni Askini details how distraction laws and affordability issues impact economies


Danni Askini is a Seattle-based super activist running for a seat representing Washington’s 43rd District. She is the Executive Director of Gender Justice League and she is also a hometown hero who is originally from Portland, Maine. I just so happened to be in Seattle when Askini announced that she’d be running, and so I asked her about […]

The squirrel and the portal to death


After having a long conversation with my friend Robyn Kanner, I walked up Seattle’s Westlake Ave and came upon a squirrel that had been run over by a car. It was alive but half of its body was crushed and it was dragging itself around by its two front legs. I immediately realized what I’d have […]