Exit Interview: Nick Schroeder, former Managing Editor of DigPortland


I offered my take on the fall of DigPortland at the start of this week, and Seth Koening wrote this article about the drama. I was interested, though, in what DigPortland Managing Editor Nick Schroeder had to say about all of it. For the paper, Schroeder ran a feature entitled Exit Interview, where he interviewed […]

“Back Off Flatlander” and other great Maine-themed patches


Kris Johnsen, an artist I have featured every year for my annual holiday gift guide (we have framed and hung several of his pieces in our home), has organized a new endeavor called Portland Patch Project. Each month will feature a different sewn patch designed by a local artist. Patches will be manufactured and feature […]

Interview: Pious Ali, “Public Servant at Large,” on activism, immigration, and empowering young people


Pious Ali tells people he is a “public servant at large.” Over the past decade, he has worked at PROP, organized a youth interfaith alliance, and won a seat on the Portland School Board.  Ali came to Portland from New York in 2002. Looking for work outside of restaurants, he got a job with PROP, […]

Re-evaluate your life: 40 Twitter-sourced life tips


I searched for the occasions in which people tweeted the phrase “re-evaluate your life” and came back with 40 of the [mostly] ridiculous things Twitter-users feel strongly about (which include Snapchat, Frozen, and looting Dollar Trees). “If… your Snapchat is always videos of you getting drunk… your Snapchat story is 135 seconds… your Snapchat story […]

Gillian Anderson’s breastfeeding hallucination made me laugh until I looked crazy


Gillian Anderson (Hannibal, The Fall) was on Nerdist this week and beyond hinting at some sort of revival of X-Files (#xfiles2015) and being all sorts of smart and charming, she told a story about nearly being driven mad by her engorged [postpartum] breasts while on the set of the original series that made me laugh […]

Interview: Kate Beever recalls close friend and mentor Frank Glazer


Frank Glazer, Maine pianist and Bates artist-in-residence, died Tuesday morning. His 100th birthday would have been next month. Music writer and journalist Sam Pfeifle aptly summed up Glazer and his life on Facebook: [He] is one of the most impressive Mainers ever. He’s a man who didn’t get cheated by life and kicked ass just […]