Kitty Critic is a series in which Portland musicians perform for their fan’s cats


According to its website, “Kitty Critic is an internet series in which musicians from Portland, Maine perform in their fan’s homes for their fan’s cats.” Maine appears in all caps so no one is confused into thinking we have anything with filthy Portland, Oregon. It goes on to explain that “the series is designed to bring […]

“Transgender Funnyman” Ian Harvie on Amazon’s Golden Globe winner “Transparent”


Note [January 12, 2015]: Since publishing this interview last week, Transparent won a Golden Globe for Best TV Comedy. Star Jeffrey Tambor also won a Golden Globe for his performance in the show. For those unfamiliar with the award, it’s like a mashup of the Oscars and the Emmys, only the awards show portion is […]

Sailor Cartwright on trans + genderqueer pronouns and resources for media and bloggers


Of the death of Leelah Alcorn, the young woman who took her life out of frustration with her parents’ refusal to acknowledge her identification as trans, I recently saw my friend Lisa Bunker (a trans woman and activist) remark, “One good thing in the aftermath of the tragic suicide of ‎Leelah Alcorn: the mainstream media […]

15 Instagram photos that show how Mainers celebrated the arrival of 2015


On the eve of the year 2000—the New Year’s Eve everyone thought would usher in one catastrophe or another—I spent the night with a bunch of friends from Westbrook High School. We synched Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon and awaited the impending doom of Y2K, which never came. It feels like […]

Jem episode “That Old Houdini Magic” shines light on fear of death, elder fraud


2015 will mark the 30th anniversary of Jem, a television show my nearly 6-year-old daughter watches on Netflix every morning. A live action movie is slated for release in October because nostalgia. Along with my daughter, I have re-watched nearly every episode a handful of times—I used to watch it when I was a kid too—and […]

Interview: Carol Schoneberg-Robinson, End of Life Educator at Hospice of Southern Maine


Carol Schoneberg-Robinson is an End of Life Educator and Bereavement Services Manager at Hospice of Southern Maine. She has been in the business of talking with people about death for 23 years. This interview is more uplifting than it is scary. In Schoneberg-Robinson’s words, “I like to tell people that because we talk about death, it […]

17 Instagram photos that show how Mainers celebrated the holidays


As I have been known to do around special events and holidays, I flipped through Maine-related hashtags (#maine, #mainelife, #207 and #portlandmaine just to name a few) on Instagram to see how my fellow Mainers celebrated the past week and a half of holiday festivities. SIDE NOTE: In doing so, I learned that there is […]

Former IDEXX CEO presented Glenn Close with “boiled bunny” on their first date

In an interview on NPR All Things Considered, Glenn Close, the actress made famous earlier this year for her much acclaimed portrayal of Nova Prime Rael in Guardians of the Galaxy, discussed her first date with her now husband David Evans Shaw. Shaw, the founder and former CEO of Westbrook, Maine based IDEXX Laboratories, presented […]

Maine, Thankfully: Donna Galluzzo, Executive Director of Salt Institute

SALT INTERVIEW - 10.24.14-084

For this installment of Maine, Thankfully, I talked with Donna Galluzo, Executive Director of Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Salt is a non-profit school in Portland, Maine that offers semester-long intensive programs in documentary writing, radio, photography and new media.   I have long been an appreciator of Salt. I have had many friends who […]