Overheard in Los Angeles: Ugly Americans Edition

I present here “I pushed a prostitute—pushed a prostitute” and other actual conversations overheard in Los Angeles. These are reproduced as faithfully as possible. I am—I should note—reluctant to offer these slivers, which paint a relatively lurid picture, without offering that I love this city in a huge way. These were, though, too spectacularly ridiculous […]

Dispatches from “Forever” Land: Dana Gould on Manson, Manson in Full House

While at Il Capriccio in Los Feliz a few nights back (wonderful) my wife and I sat and read while I pretended not to notice that we shared an otherwise empty patio with the great Dana Gould, from whom were seated two tables down. Gould recapped for his companion the story John Cusack recently told about Brian Wilson’s wit, honesty […]

Proposed Portland budget suggests eliminating care for most vulnerable

According to a source close to the situation, a friend affiliated with the city’s public health division, the proposed budget for the City of Portland eliminates all funding for India Street Public Health. Note: See many, many updates below, including the one all the way at the bottom about the Press Herald report about the closure […]

Behind the scenes with Bunny Wonderland’s Haus of Burlesque

Warning: This video is about burlesque and it’s all in great fun, but it features what some might consider partial nudity. As such it might not be safe for work or for people who like to get their hangups about sexuality all over everybody else. With the help of my production team at Knack Factory, I […]