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Best ice cream shop in Maine, Catbird Creamery, to appear on the Cooking Channel this Sunday

That’s Sunday, not sundae. THIS IS A NO PUN ZONE. Anyway, my very favorite ice cream shop, Catbird Creamery, will be on Unique Sweets at 10p this Sunday. Unique Sweets is on the Cooking Channel. Producers from the channel were in Portland earlier this year filming for a bunch of different shows. Eater Maine covered […]

Catbird Creamery makes the best ice cream sundae in Maine

The sundae at Catbird Creamery is ridiculous.  First you pick your cookie—you can get a chocolate chip cookie, a snicker doodle cookie, or a crumb cake cone bowl—and then you pick your topping. There is hot fudge, butterscotch, and fruit sauce, which is determined seasonally or, according to shop owner Andrew Warren, on a whim. […]