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There once was a porn star kamikaze and other things you learn from old magazines

I buy old magazines at antique shops and swap meets. I love reading them to get a better sense of how culture and news was being presented in the various times and eras represented by each publication, and I enjoy seeing all of the dated pictures and advertisements. Also, in the context of an always unpredictable present, I […]

Congresswoman Pingree’s campaign website wants to know where you stand on intervention

Congresswoman Pingree [‘s campaign website] wants your email address, zip code, and opinion [I guess, as the comments field is the only part of the form that isn’t actually required] on this overwhelmingly unpopular intervention. Perhaps I am being too hard on the Congresswoman? Maybe this is actually an earnest attempt to hear from more […]

Thoughts on the sanctity of debate in a representational democracy

I have read a handful of Tweets, Facebook statuses and articles that have suggested that Americans have had two years of exposure to the goings on in Syria to have formed an opinion about involvement by now. Even if I allow myself to humor this being the case, it is worth considering that we have […]

Thinking of Boston

Thoughts: We should establish a national holiday for recognizing emergency response teams, Good Samaritans, and all of the other folks who give days like these a strong silver lining. While laughter seems unthinkable for many at present, I want to thank the funny-makers in advance for helping us cope in the days to come. Earlier […]