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Maine, Thankfully: Donna Galluzzo, Executive Director of Salt Institute

SALT INTERVIEW - 10.24.14-084

For this installment of Maine, Thankfully, I talked with Donna Galluzo, Executive Director of Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Salt is a non-profit school in Portland, Maine that offers semester-long intensive programs in documentary writing, radio, photography and new media.   I have long been an appreciator of Salt. I have had many friends who […]

Scenes from Sunday’s “March to End Violence” [video]


Yesterday the Portland Press Herald reported: More than 600 people marched down Congress Street Sunday afternoon to protest the killings of two black men by white police officers in Missouri and New York as Portland police blocked traffic along the route and escorted the crowd from Congress Square to Portland High School without incident. I […]

Maine, Thankfully: Teyonda Hall, Director of LearningWorks’ Literacy Volunteers Greater Portland


For today’s installment of Maine, Thankfully, I talked with Teyonda Hall, Director of LearningWorks‘ Literacy Volunteers Greater Portland. LearningWorks is a not-for-profit umbrella community organization. Hall’s focus is on literacy, of course, and her the programs she oversees include efforts focused on family literacy, reading and mentoring for elementary school aged children and immigrants, and […]

Maine, Thankfully: Karan Cushman on AIGA Maine’s “uncoloring book” + Design for Good initiative


AIGA Maine, the state chapter of the national design association, is working on creating an “un-coloring” book entitled Imaginative You. The effort is part of the organization’s Design for Good initiative. The book will be designed by Maine artists and gifted to patients at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital and to other children facing health […]

Maine, Thankfully: Lisa Bunker, Program Manager at WMPG


For this installment of Maine, Thankfully, I talked with Lisa Bunker, who has been Program Director at WMPG for 12 years. For those unfamiliar with this institution, the college and community radio station has been in operation for just over 40 years. It is operated by a USM students and volunteers from the greater Portland […]

Maine, Thankfully: Craig Hickman, Farmer, Fighter of Hunger, and Legislator

Hickman with the Hen

For this installment of the Maine, Thankfully series, I talked with Craig Hickman. Hickman is a writer, poet, community activist, farmer and Maine State Legislator. Out of Annabessacook Farm, Hickman grows food that he shares with the community, and those efforts have broadened and expanded over the years. “We are kind of a food center,” […]

Maine, Thankfully: Samuel James: Songwriter, Storyteller, Raconteur


Samuel James is an artist and all around raconteur based in Portland, Maine. He is a seasoned and celebrated blues musician—touring around has taken him all over the planet. His writing about race has been featured in the Phoenix and he recently told a story up growing up in foster homes on the popular radio program […]

Maine, Thanfully: Kelly Arbor and Gaelle Win Robin of Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony


When I first started thinking of the Maine, Thankfully series, I found myself excited to talk with folks who are doing work that changes the way most think about community service. The work that Kelly Arbor and Gaelle Win Robin of Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony (M.E.S.H.) are engaging in will likely do exactly that. On paper, […]

Maine, Thankfully: Zoe Odlin-Platz of India Street Public Health


This is the first installment of Maine, Thankfully, a series about folks who are making things better for their communities and for our state at large. A new profile will run every week day between now and Christmas with each profile examining a variety of approaches to doing good. You can learn more about the […]