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North Pond Hermit reminds of Maine’s interesting, quirky past

I maintain another blog called Maine, Obviously, which I have written about here in the past. It features odd, quirky, interesting and endearing news stories that have happened in Maine. After the North Pond Hermit story broke, a few folks quipped: “This story is so great. How can anything else ever top this for Maine, […]

Does ‘Maine, Obviously’ reinforce negative stereotypes?

On Monday I announced the launch of Maine, Obviously, a Tumblr-based collection of news stories that feel [to me] as though they could only have been produced in Maine. From people who live in or have ties to the state the response has been largely positive. On a few occasions, however, it has been suggested […]

Introducing ‘Maine, Obviously’

I was joking with my friend Angie Muhs the other day about the need for a blog-based collection of “only in Maine” news stories, and since the conversation took place via Twitter, a bunch of folks chimed in to agree. The next day, I started Maine, Obviously. Some of the stories feel more exclusive to […]