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Must Listen: “Charles Manson’s Hollywood” by You Must Remember This

My newfound obsession with Karina Longworth’s You Must Remember This comes thanks to a recommendation from great Anne Schlitt​ [of Maine Humanities Council]. Familiar with my interest in 20th Century Hollywood, pop culture generally, new age and occultism, and true crime, Anne suggested I check out the show’s 11 episode arc about Charles Manson and everything […]

Was the Back-to-the-Land “movement” a failure or a success?

Portland-based author Joseph Conway wrote Get Back Stay Back, a book about the evolution of the back-to-the-land movement and its relationship with Maine. He tells the stories of 13 families based here in the state. Through his multi-generational conversations, particularly his exchanges with the children of the movement who are now running farms themselves, he […]

Congresswoman Pingree’s campaign website wants to know where you stand on intervention

Congresswoman Pingree [‘s campaign website] wants your email address, zip code, and opinion [I guess, as the comments field is the only part of the form that isn’t actually required] on this overwhelmingly unpopular intervention. Perhaps I am being too hard on the Congresswoman? Maybe this is actually an earnest attempt to hear from more […]