Farewell, Mr. Ricchio

I had coffee with Joe Ricchio for one last time in Portland before he heads off to live in Boston. We laughed a good deal about the past couple of years, and it made me think a lot about the time that he, Erin Dow, the Knack Factory gang and I went up to the St. John Valley to shoot an episode of Food Coma TV and lost our co-host Joel Beauchamp. It was one of the best times I have had in the past couple of years.
Joe and I have had a dynamic and ever-changing relationship over the past couple of years, and there has been a great deal of love, a lot of fun, and, as there will be whenever two people with big egos try to work together, tension here and there. That said, in his absence, Joe is someone who I and many others in the state will miss a great deal. (Some, of course, won’t.) I am happy that he is taking his show on the road, so-to-speak, and from what he has told me there are exciting things for him on the horizon, so keep an eye out.


Be well, Mr. Ricchio. Safe travels and see you soon.


[Photo Credit: Kurt Graser / Knack Factory]

Alex Steed

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