Introducing: Let’s Figure It Out Fridays

The good news is that I have arranged to contribute a good deal more content to this blog. This is good news for me, of course, but if you hate my blog, it is bad news for you. These are, after all, the ways that news, opinion, and subjectivity intersect.

On Fridays I will be answering questions submitted by readers of the blog, because you can totally trust me to dole out reasonable advice about your work and/or personal and/or sex life. This will be perfect, as it will give me an opportunity to put all of my failings to good use by way of my re-purposing these experiences into advice regarding what not to do. I also have some pretty strong insights based on a success or too. Further, if my expertise does not apply to the advice you are seeking, I will reach out to someone I can rope in to weighing in accordingly.

So are you looking for something new to read, or trying to figure out whether or not your academic major makes sense? Are you searching for the right way to tell your boss that you really need a raise? Did you make out with the wrong guy, or girl, or girl and guy at once? Or was it the right guy, or girl, or girl and guy at once and you are trying to figure out the right way to keep it going? Would you like to know how to feel more comfortable with spending time alone, or in a room full of people, or simply just being? Let me know, and let’s figure it out together.

So please submit your queries by emailing me at alexsteed [at] gmail [dot] com. Also, in case you are cautiously interested, I will be keeping the identities of those in search of answers quiet in the column. With your help, I look forward to kicking this thing off soon.

Alex Steed

About Alex Steed

Alex Steed has written about and engaged in politics since he was an insufferable teenager. He has run for the Statehouse and produced a successful web series. He now runs a content firm called Knack Factory with two guys who are a lot more talented than himself.