Stray Observations: Flying from Portland to New York

  • In transit to PWM: Sunrise-tinted field in Gorham, on the way to Portland, 4:40 in the morning.
  • Before security: Guy with shaved head, loop earring and giant soul patch like Howie Mandel: “Why would any man wear pink shorts?”
  • Security: While many are actually quite delightful, Airport TSA Officer appears to be a career path of choice for some folks who feel profoundly unheard in every other arena.
  • Preparing to board: I hope that everything goes well. This is not a crowd I would be comfortable enduring an emergency situation with.
  • On the plane: 40-something woman to 60-something mother: “Do you have your Beats?” Mother: “No, I brought the Bose. They’re so old fashioned, though. With the Beats, you feel like you’re really there!”
  • JFK: Safe arrival, greeted by “Maniac” blasting over the PA.

I have danced into the danger zone.

Alex Steed

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