Check out the Taste of Congress Tour tomorrow

Just a heads up for those of you who enjoy casual dining, getting a little social and learning some new things: There is a Portland Taste Tour scheduled for tomorrow, and if you have not already attended you really should consider going. I did in August (when it operated under the name Dishcrawl Portland) and wrote about doing so a couple of months back. I accidentally had too many drinks and fell off the tour prematurely, but I had a delightful time before I got myself lost.

Tomorrow’s Taste of Congress Tour will take ticket holders to MJ’s Wine Bar, Taco Escobarr, Empire, and Nosh.

On each tour, the tour guide (a delightful Mary Soule) takes Taste Tour participants to a handful of Portland restaurants and eateries. At each event the tourists are  greeted with a tasting menu, which comes accompanied by an exchange with a representative from the restaurant (often a proprietor). Having taken the tour in the past, and being a man with a substantial appetite, I can assure you that you will not leave hungry.

Of the last two events, Soule says:

The last events brought tour goers to both the newest and more time-tested restaurants in Portland. Visiting Local 188, a restaurant I’ve been eating at for 10 years, was a whole new experience while sitting beside chef/owner/local character Jay Villani. Conversely, with stops at newer places like Outliers and Portland & Rochester, I couldn’t help but feel the type of connection typically gained through years of dining, after hearing from the great personalities who welcomed us into their spaces.

So, as Dr. Gonzo himself would suggest, buy the ticket, take the ride.

Alex Steed

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