Please help! Who in Maine is doing work for which you are thankful?


As a means of celebrating the holiday season here on this blog, I will be running a series about people who do work for which we can be most thankful. The series kicks off next week and will run daily starting on Monday. The profiles, which will run 4 times weekly between Monday and through the week before Christmas, will highlight those in Maine communities working to make life better for those around them. In the each post, readers will learn a bit about what drives the person being profiled, the work they are doing in their community and why it is important, and how those so inclined can offer support.

I need your help selecting folks to profile. If you know of people who are doing great work that could use some attention and amplification, or who simply deserve some recognition for their efforts, please let me know about them by emailing me at alexsteed [at] gmail [dot] com or by leaving a comment below. I already have the first few weeks of profiles lined up—starting next week I will be featuring champions of social work, music, food, poverty eradication, and public health—and I look forward to hearing about those with whom you suggest I be in touch.

If you make a suggestion that I don’t use, worry not. It is very likely that I will end up featuring them in another way or form in the near future.

Many thanks, friends,

Alex Steed

About Alex Steed

Alex Steed has written about and engaged in politics since he was an insufferable teenager. He has run for the Statehouse and produced a successful web series. He now runs a content firm called Knack Factory with two guys who are a lot more talented than himself.