The Jem movie looks awful + an interview with Jem creator Christy Marx

In non-food-critic-kerfuffle-news, the new Jem movie looks AWFUL.

In the words of Kristina Galore, with whom I am connected on Facebook, “Hold the motherfucking phoneEric Raymond is now a woman who Svengalis Jem and the Holograms? No Starlight girls, no Synergy, NO MISFITS? What is this watered-down, infantilized shitshow? They took a story of self-directed adult women who run their own record company (AND foster home) and turned them into babies who let some suit pimp them out. WTF.”

In brighter Jem news, I interviewed Jem creator Christy Marx back in January and the release of the trailer inspired me to give it another read. It was a lot of fun to do. You can check it out here. My favorite quote from our conversation was when she said:

“I have a pretty firm rule that life is too short to work with assholes, so I avoided them as much as possible.”

Alex Steed

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