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10 observations, revelations, and bits of wisdom for this blustery Sunday morning

I am working on a handful of substantial blog posts this weekend, so I am cheating a bit by offering here some of my favorite observations, revelations, bits of wisdom and other literary / journalistic ephemera that I came across or rediscovered in the past year or so. This collection feels perfectly suited for this […]

Vacation Notes, Round I

“If a horse can be a star, think how dumb the people are.” — Ella Fitzgerald, “Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer” My wife and I spent 7 days on vacation in Eastport, Maine at one of Ross Furman’s properties. We spent the first three evenings with our parents, the next two alone, and […]

Consider this approach to being a focused crowd-funder

So the good news is that we live in this kind-of-amazing time where, thanks to the Internet, pretty much anyone can ask for money to do pretty much anything, and this is considered a legitimate way to subsidize the realization of great ideas. By way of crowd-funding Spose, like Spencer Albee did immediately before him, […]