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Stephen King’s Suffer the Little Children to be adapted into a Maine-produced film

Corey Norman is a Maine-based filmmaker and co-owner of Bonfire Films. Upon its release last year, their movie The Hanover House was met with a great deal of acclaim. At present, Bonfire Films is in the pre-production phase for Suffer the Little Children, an adaptation of a Stephen King story that was featured in the […]

Christy Marx, creator of Jem and the Holograms, talks comics, video games and strong female characters

Happy Birthday, Jerrica! Jem turns 30 this year. The animated series, a joint collaboration by Hasbro, Marvel Productions and Sunbow Productions, aired its first episode on October 6th, 1985. Jem and the Holograms, a live action movie based on the series, will be released later this year. To celebrate the animated icon’s 30th, I connected […]

10 things I initially overlooked about the Casper movie

Here are ten things I likely missed when I first watched the movie back in 1995: I am really happy that the actors never attempted Maine accents, which is probably why I didn’t remember that Casper takes place in Maine. Have you ever seen that episode of Quantum Leap where Sam assumes the identity of […]

Horror movie about snake-handling zealots released immediately after death of famed snake-handling zealot

As one half of the Butcher Brothers, Mitchell Altieri (along with Phil Flores) has been earning attention for creating compellingly written, genre-straddling films that have found appreciation in horror circles for nearly a decade. The Butcher Brothers’ catalogue has been largely written off by mainstream critics, though it has received respectable-to-positive acclaim from nearly any […]

Go see Her, that movie about a guy who falls in love with his operating system

“I had wonderful love but I did not give back wonderful love. I was unable to reply to their love. Because I was obsessed with some fictional sense of separation, I couldn’t touch the thing that was offered to me, and it was offered me everywhere.” — Leonard Cohen, Stina Motör Leonard Cohen. 1996. Her […]