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Meet Yellow Cab, the company (and its owner) behind the harassment claims

My recap of a Portland Amber Dorcus’ horrifying experience with Yellow Cab got a great deal of attention yesterday, and it sparked a lot of interest in who, exactly, was responsible for the her harassment. Fellow BDN blogger Chris Shorr and I did some research on the company and Dorcus’ claims and we co-wrote this […]

Portland woman reports intense and frightening harassment by local cab driver

The following report, offered by my friend Amber on┬áher blog, is at once disturbing and important to share. It fits into the context of the several conversations that have taken place here (and in the comments section) about street harassment and the ongoing, seemingly never-ceasing harassment of women overall. UPDATE [1:00p, May 7, 2014]: A […]

Stop harassing women in the steet / Stop telling women to smile

I posted the above image (a poster which reads “STOP HARASSING WOMEN IN THE STREET”) on Facebook and was surprised by the conversation that unfolded below it. Women discussed their frustration with the harassment phenomenon and a few others articulated their frustration with being told to smile while walking down the street and in other […]